Week 5- Counterfactual Identity


For week 5 we had to go out dressed up different from the way we dress on a daily base. For this weeks activity I chose the look going for an older teacher. I think I played that roll pretty good but people thought otherwise. The picture I chose was a before was a picture I really liked of myself. This day was the second day of school, and I liked my outfit and it was also the first day of this class.

The first place I went to was the mall. That was the only place I could think of and then I thought maybe I could wear this while I run my errands. The first person I interviewed she was surprised that I would go some where like that with the shoes I had on. The way she looked at me was like “Wow she looks to young to be wearing that” She told me I looked like I worked at a bank. She said my major would be accounting or business. The way I was dressed she said maybe I worked at a bank or for a very serious company. The other people I interviewed did not have such an interesting story as she did.

The second place I went to was the grocery store. A lady and her child told me that I looked like Ms. Doubtfire. I found that one very funny. I really like that movie and then looking at myself in the mirror I said yes I do look like her. She said or maybe you could also be a librarian, I said wow that’s also a good one. She said my major would also be business!

I found this activity fun and interesting. I felt that it was fun dressing up for a totally different person then what I really am. I also dressed up different then what my major is. I took the time out to ask other people what did I look like and what my name maybe. Every person I asked said I am not sure what your name may be but your outfit is very interesting. When doing this project I put this outfit together between my mothers and grandmothers closet. I was not quite sure what look I was going for but I just kept looking and putting on things until my outfit started to come together. It was a great experience and I would not mind doing it again.

Week 5- Class Interview

For week 5 I interviewed Dominic Erich. This is Dominic first year at California State University of Long Beach. As of now he enjoys the college life of being on his own and being a freshman. His major is Pre- Business and a minor in accounting. He does not want to have anything to do with accounting but maybe sales. Dominic is from Stockton California, so he really has no choice of staying on campus.

Dominic has been playing the guitar since he was in the 7th grade. In high school him and some friends thought maybe we should start our own band! They tried everything to come up with a name for their band, and still they could not figure one out. So they just thought maybe we could be “Naked Brothers band 2”. This is a band from the nickelodeon network.

In high school Dominic played soccer and water polo. So far he enjoys this class, he never thought to take it but he knew he had to take it for a General Ed requirements. He is in the Honors Society club here on campus. What I found never interesting is that his mother has her own jewelry line that is in Nordstrom’s and Macys. His dad also works at a wine refinery. Dominic and I enjoyed the artwork by Mike Lewis.


Week 5- Artist Interview


For week 5 I choose to interview the artist that goes by the name of Mike Lewis Dominic and I felt the art was a reflection from each wall. Walking into the art gallery I said wow and I was just wondering what was the meaning to all of this. One wall showed art pieces that showed missing pieces. For example most houses on the art wall had a background but the house was cut out. The other wall showed like different types of clothes, different colors arranging from pants to shirts! We felt like the meaning to the art was from the poor. It looked like the poor could have lived there. And then that made us think like wait if they were homeless how could they have a home or a place to live.

   We rethought t he whole thing and said maybe these could be photos from war because we saw the little grenades around the art gallery. Yes, they have to be from war, after we rethought it all it begun to make since! This art photo had so many small little touches that brought the art all together. They had little scraps and pieces to complete the pictures to make them look finish but they were still incomplete. You could not tell that it was incomplete because of how well it was put together. By the end we still could not tell what the truth meaning of the art was because there was no one there. But over all I enjoyed the art work!


Week 4- Artist Interview

For week 4 I choose two people that shared the same art. Their names were Oscar Mendoza and Helena Bae. Helena was the only one there that we got to interview. At first I thought it was only her art, but as I listened to her speak about it she said it collaborated with Oscars pieces. She told us that thee art was process based. I was not quit sure what that meant so I asked for further understanding. She told us that every step being made was based off of each other’s. For example she drew a line then he drew one. They went back and fourth until they thought there art was ready


Week 4- Class interview

For the 4th week of class I interviewed Rachel Price. She is a Pre-Psychology major. Rachel enjoys CSU Long Beach. She loves to be on campus and the atmosphere. Rachel’s favorite theme park is Knotts Berry Farm. She goes there quite often. The log ride is her favorite ride at that theme park. I am not really a big fan of that ride because you get real wet!

Rachel has not taken many art classes. When enrolling for school she thought this class would be art history. She said thank goodness it is not. The kind of art she likes to do is drawing and painting.   On her free time when not at school she likes to play soccer. She does not play for a team that’s just what she likes to do on her free time. That’s one of her favorite hobbies. Rachel works at Blake’s Place. It’s a barbecue place around town!IMG_0394

Week 4- Plaster

For week 4 we did a Plaster project, which involved us going to the beach. I am not a fan of the beach but I knew that I would have to go to maintain a good grade in the class. It was a lot better and fun then I thought. Sara and I (one of my classmates) went to the beach and enjoyed our time there. I still have my plaster hand that I made! I enjoyed this project a lot because I did not think it would come out how it did. I had to do it over 3 times because I felt like it was not going to come out right.We waited about 25 minutes and it still came out amazing.


Week 3- Class Interview

For Week 3 I interviewed Marlyn. This is Marlyn 2nd year at CSULB. She enjoys CSULB and it also keeps her very busy. Marlyn is from a small town in LA called Huntington Park. She commutes Monday-Thursday from Huntington To our school (CSULB). She says it’s about a 40-45 minute drive

Marlyn is a very busy person but on her free time she likes to spend with her nephews. Her nephews are four years apart, one is five and the other is one! Marlyn and I bought have the same major. when she finishes school she wants to go straight into social work.

Also on her free time she likes to visit disneyland! Her favorite ride at disneyland would have to be space mountain! Marlyn took an art class in high school it was a painting class. Other than that she does not enjoy art much.


Week 3- Kickstart

The kickstart I chose was called ” Nailed It! But Wait… There’s MOAR!” This kickstart caught my attention because of the nails I love to do nails, my own nails even other peoples nails. The music and the pop-up captions caught my attention. The way they showed the audience how they do the nails and the stickers, arts, etc. was unique. At first they were trying to get 20,000 but this time around they are asking for 75,000 dollars. They are almost to there goal they have 65,000 and still have until October 6th to reach their goal.

Week 3- Artist Interview


photo 1 

For week 3 the artist I choose was Patricia Rangel. When interviewing her she said she was a metal student. I did not quite understand why she told us that but I found her art very interesting. Her art was very unique and different, but if you did not speak with her I do not think people would have been able to understand.

“ A New Foundation” was the title of the art I chose. When looking at two pieces of her art, I thought maybe what’s on the floor is a reflection to what was on the wall. Then Marlyn said, “No it could not be the pieces they look different.” Instead of trying to guess I thought maybe I would just ask! Patricia told us that Yes the pieces are a reflection but just in a different order. All I could think was “Wow How creative.”

Some of Patricia’s pieces were dirt and cement. The other pieces were just all dirt. She called her art room “ The Body of Art Work.”photo 2