Week 1 Artist Interview- Brittany Mojo

Brittany Mojo work was very unique and different, i have never seen something so different. It was really busy but i found it very interesting. The art had different shapes, colors, prints, textures that I feel had the real meaning of art. Brittany Mojo attends UCLA. The art work was titled ” Always Be Knolling”. I feel that the title was very fitting to the art.

The middle of Brittany’s art had a photo of a drawing. From here i thought maybe the photo had the objects surrounding it from the different shapes to different patterns. After coming up with that conclusion I felt that i understood the art work better then any of the others we saw. The art even had 3D pieces coming out towards you, I really enjoyed it.

Brittney’s art did look a little incomplete after going back to look at it after reading her story on GLAMFA website. Every object on her art looked like added touches could be done and that is the process of completing something. The art looked like it could be someones room, but every object was missing a piece of something. I found this art the most interesting compared to the others. The room motivated her to create each object individually. art 1


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