Week 2 Artist Interview- Bridget Batch

  Bridget Batch created the artwork I chose this week. She is a student and attends school at Calarts. The piece I chose to write about is titled “When we are Robots we will still gaze at the Stars.” I understood this art a lot easier than the other ones we viewed last week.

  When entering the room my eyes went right towards that piece. This piece of art reminded me of a tent when going camping but it was made out of foil! When going to find Bridget on the GLAMFA website, I thought wow what a great explanation for her artwork.

   Bridget says, “ My work plays with belief and intuition and the worlds created in our head.” Her art sends you on a run around. It was very unique! Her explanation made you think differently about the art. Before seeing her explanation of her art you think differently about it. Her explanation says like your head is filled with different thoughts and while staring in the sky just makes you them more about things. 



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