Week 2 Classmate Interview- Michelle


The second week of class I interviewed Michelle. Michelle has been here for going on five years now. She walked already on graduation day; she’s just finishing up a few more classes. Michelle graduated with her BA last semester. In a few more years she wants to either at a science camp, outdoor nature educator, or counseling with children in the science field.

   Michelle favorite hobbies would be to sew, paint, knit, crochet she also likes to ride her bike 40-50 miles a week on her free time. She likes to draw. down below I posted a few of her drawings. Michelle has been working at Olive Garden for two years now. She has been a host, certified trainer and a take out person.

    Michelle loves to spend her free time at Disneyland. We are both pass holders at Disneyland, when she goes to Disneyland she likes to wear her “Maleficent Ears.” She likes all the rides at Disneyland but if she had to pick her favorite it would be “ Big Thunder Mountain.” 

  The art piece below took about three days to be drawn. She has been drawing since her junior year of high school.cat 


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