Week 3- Artist Interview


photo 1 

For week 3 the artist I choose was Patricia Rangel. When interviewing her she said she was a metal student. I did not quite understand why she told us that but I found her art very interesting. Her art was very unique and different, but if you did not speak with her I do not think people would have been able to understand.

“ A New Foundation” was the title of the art I chose. When looking at two pieces of her art, I thought maybe what’s on the floor is a reflection to what was on the wall. Then Marlyn said, “No it could not be the pieces they look different.” Instead of trying to guess I thought maybe I would just ask! Patricia told us that Yes the pieces are a reflection but just in a different order. All I could think was “Wow How creative.”

Some of Patricia’s pieces were dirt and cement. The other pieces were just all dirt. She called her art room “ The Body of Art Work.”photo 2

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