Week 5- Artist Interview


For week 5 I choose to interview the artist that goes by the name of Mike Lewis Dominic and I felt the art was a reflection from each wall. Walking into the art gallery I said wow and I was just wondering what was the meaning to all of this. One wall showed art pieces that showed missing pieces. For example most houses on the art wall had a background but the house was cut out. The other wall showed like different types of clothes, different colors arranging from pants to shirts! We felt like the meaning to the art was from the poor. It looked like the poor could have lived there. And then that made us think like wait if they were homeless how could they have a home or a place to live.

   We rethought t he whole thing and said maybe these could be photos from war because we saw the little grenades around the art gallery. Yes, they have to be from war, after we rethought it all it begun to make since! This art photo had so many small little touches that brought the art all together. They had little scraps and pieces to complete the pictures to make them look finish but they were still incomplete. You could not tell that it was incomplete because of how well it was put together. By the end we still could not tell what the truth meaning of the art was because there was no one there. But over all I enjoyed the art work!



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