Week 5- Counterfactual Identity


For week 5 we had to go out dressed up different from the way we dress on a daily base. For this weeks activity I chose the look going for an older teacher. I think I played that roll pretty good but people thought otherwise. The picture I chose was a before was a picture I really liked of myself. This day was the second day of school, and I liked my outfit and it was also the first day of this class.

The first place I went to was the mall. That was the only place I could think of and then I thought maybe I could wear this while I run my errands. The first person I interviewed she was surprised that I would go some where like that with the shoes I had on. The way she looked at me was like “Wow she looks to young to be wearing that” She told me I looked like I worked at a bank. She said my major would be accounting or business. The way I was dressed she said maybe I worked at a bank or for a very serious company. The other people I interviewed did not have such an interesting story as she did.

The second place I went to was the grocery store. A lady and her child told me that I looked like Ms. Doubtfire. I found that one very funny. I really like that movie and then looking at myself in the mirror I said yes I do look like her. She said or maybe you could also be a librarian, I said wow that’s also a good one. She said my major would also be business!

I found this activity fun and interesting. I felt that it was fun dressing up for a totally different person then what I really am. I also dressed up different then what my major is. I took the time out to ask other people what did I look like and what my name maybe. Every person I asked said I am not sure what your name may be but your outfit is very interesting. When doing this project I put this outfit together between my mothers and grandmothers closet. I was not quite sure what look I was going for but I just kept looking and putting on things until my outfit started to come together. It was a great experience and I would not mind doing it again.

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