Week 2 Activity-Instagram

This weeks activity was based on Instagram post. We had to post four pictures on Instagram throughout the day. The activity was fun and interesting. I enjoyed seeing what people do throughout the day.

The most interesting thing I found was seeing different types of pictures from people. The pictures I picked to post were part of my daily routine. From taking a picture of my shoes, walking to our art class, to viewing my backyard! My classmates posted photos of beaches Food, campus life, etc.

The photos show that our class overall is enjoying
life. They look like they are having fun and excited about life. It was really interesting and I found out a lot of things about peoples life



Week 2 Artist Interview- Bridget Batch

  Bridget Batch created the artwork I chose this week. She is a student and attends school at Calarts. The piece I chose to write about is titled “When we are Robots we will still gaze at the Stars.” I understood this art a lot easier than the other ones we viewed last week.

  When entering the room my eyes went right towards that piece. This piece of art reminded me of a tent when going camping but it was made out of foil! When going to find Bridget on the GLAMFA website, I thought wow what a great explanation for her artwork.

   Bridget says, “ My work plays with belief and intuition and the worlds created in our head.” Her art sends you on a run around. It was very unique! Her explanation made you think differently about the art. Before seeing her explanation of her art you think differently about it. Her explanation says like your head is filled with different thoughts and while staring in the sky just makes you them more about things. 


Week 2 Classmate Interview- Michelle


The second week of class I interviewed Michelle. Michelle has been here for going on five years now. She walked already on graduation day; she’s just finishing up a few more classes. Michelle graduated with her BA last semester. In a few more years she wants to either at a science camp, outdoor nature educator, or counseling with children in the science field.

   Michelle favorite hobbies would be to sew, paint, knit, crochet she also likes to ride her bike 40-50 miles a week on her free time. She likes to draw. down below I posted a few of her drawings. Michelle has been working at Olive Garden for two years now. She has been a host, certified trainer and a take out person.

    Michelle loves to spend her free time at Disneyland. We are both pass holders at Disneyland, when she goes to Disneyland she likes to wear her “Maleficent Ears.” She likes all the rides at Disneyland but if she had to pick her favorite it would be “ Big Thunder Mountain.” 

  The art piece below took about three days to be drawn. She has been drawing since her junior year of high school.cat 

Week 1 Artist Interview- Brittany Mojo

Brittany Mojo work was very unique and different, i have never seen something so different. It was really busy but i found it very interesting. The art had different shapes, colors, prints, textures that I feel had the real meaning of art. Brittany Mojo attends UCLA. The art work was titled ” Always Be Knolling”. I feel that the title was very fitting to the art.

The middle of Brittany’s art had a photo of a drawing. From here i thought maybe the photo had the objects surrounding it from the different shapes to different patterns. After coming up with that conclusion I felt that i understood the art work better then any of the others we saw. The art even had 3D pieces coming out towards you, I really enjoyed it.

Brittney’s art did look a little incomplete after going back to look at it after reading her story on GLAMFA website. Every object on her art looked like added touches could be done and that is the process of completing something. The art looked like it could be someones room, but every object was missing a piece of something. I found this art the most interesting compared to the others. The room motivated her to create each object individually. art 1

Week 1 Classmate Interview-Sarra Beauzil


For the first week of class i interviewed Sarra Beauzil. This is Sarra second year attending CSU Long Beach. Sarra and I are both Child development Major. not only do we share this art class together but also a child development course. She wants to brome a social worker when she finishes with school.

The piece of art we found interesting was by an artist from CSU Northridge. The title of this art was “Who do you Worship?” This piece of art included 4 photos of different celebrities. Sara felt like the image of Miley Cyrus had her attention more than others! The photo had a caption with ” keep calm and glorify trash”, with Miley’s picture in the background. Sarra says Miley has undergone a huge change in her persona but still maintains her millions of fans. I felt that Beyonce photo was more interesting. Beyonce is a woman that every person dreams to be like, from her life to relationship!

We both found interest in the pieces because we felt these were the ones we knew most about.It was as if the artist was saying we worship these celebrities for good and bad reasons. We worship Beyonce because of her beauty and what she has going for herself. Children and women dream of becoming just as success has her when they get order. We worship Miley because she has really changed. She is now known for smoking and dressing very “ratchet.” People still continue to worship her for all she’s done. People still love to listen to her music and attend her concerts.

For most of the pieces we thought we knew what the meaning was for it, but it was really the total opposite. Reading the titles of the art made the pictures a little confusing, other then that I found some interesting artwork in the GLAMFA museum.