Week 10 Artist Interview- Dana Fleming

For week ten I chose the artwork by Dana Fleming titled “Snap Crackle Pop.” I felt that this art was perfect for me. I felt it was perfect for me because I love glitter and sparkle. It was really pretty and interesting. It was like a sparkle piano on a stand. I loved this art piece. I thought last weeks were the best one but I really enjoyed this week’s artwork. It was very creative and looked like the person that created took their time on making it. This is now my favorite art from seeing in this class. Will it get better has the last few weeks go by? I do not know because I really like this artwork. It was very surprising to hear that everything in this art gallery was from a thrift store. She brought the pieces for the project and added her own works to it. It was very creative and I would have never thought to think that it came from a thrift store!


Week 10 class interview- Andy Wagner

For week ten I interviewed Andy Wagner. Andy is a senior here at Long Beach State University. His major is geology. After he graduates he wants to leave California. Andy wants to study aboard and go far away. After that he wants to move to Oregon. He wants to become a peace corps in the service. I told him that it seems like he has his whole career planned out. Andy has lived in long beach his whole life so he was not quit interested when he got into long beach state. He lives right down the street from our school, because of that he walks everyday! Andy went to high school right down the street from our college, which is Millikan. He played baseball and my school and his school never got a long during our baseball season. He said he thought this class would be much easier then what it really is, that’s the reason he wanted to take it. He thought it would be an easy class since he needed a class before graduation. He said it is easy but a lot of work. The last art class he took was in high school. Growing up he liked to draw and sketch a lot.


The art that Andy and I enjoyed was with the pennies. After seeing the title I thought wow maybe the meaning of this is Time is money. The title was Time and Money. We found this one the most interesting.


Week 9- Artist Interview

For week nine I chose the artwork by Coral Taliban titled Altered Ceramic Pot of Gold. This art was so pretty it was one of my all time favorites! The art was so pretty and perfect. The first words that came to mind for this art, was what the title is “ A Pot of Gold.” It had a pot with gold raining down inside of it! The photo had a poem to go with, it went well with the pot of gold! It was really unique and different, went well with the title. I really enjoyed this art piece. It was really simply did not need too much more detail. It had a perfect amount of art. That was the first art that caught my eye. It fits me because I love gold and sparkle. The pieces above the art were apart of he broking pot. The pot was had broken pieces with gold inside. The outside was brown and every little piece the middle had sparkling gold that would catch anyone’s eye! I enjoyed this art piece a lot.


Week 9- Class Interview Emily Bondoc

For week nine I interviewed Emily Bondoc. Emily is a freshman here at California state university. So far for the interviews, I have only been interviewing freshman. Her major is business but she wants to work in human resource management. Emily wants to minor in hospitality. Emily and I both commute from the Cerritos area. She went to Cerritos high school and I went to Gahr high school. Our high schools are both rivals! Our schools did not get along, and I was a cheerleader so I really knew. Emily’s favorite colors are pink, green, all bright colors. My all time favorite color is pink and bright colors also. Emily and I both like bright colors. Emily works for a homecare office. She works on peoples medical record at work and other paperwork. She really enjoys working for that company. On her free time she likes trying new places to eat. Her favorite restaurant is a Mediterranean food place called the magic lamp in long beach.


The art that Emily and I enjoyed was like old McDonald’s food. It was really cool because I did not know that the food could last that long. When we saw this artwork all we could say was Wow because the food did not look old, it just looked dirty. We loved this art piece.


Week 8- Eportfolio

I have finally figured out my major. i have been undeclared for the last two years. I finally chose to go with child development because i love children and working with them. Growing up I would always want to watch my younger cousins and other family members. Right now my major is child development, but I am thinking minor business or social work. I have not got in to too much about the daycare life but that’s what i am aiming for, starting my own day care when i finish with school. I have been a cheer coach for the last few years and i enjoy it! Other then that I have not worked much with children.

I tried remodeling my page over but i was a little confused. It does look different! I changed a few colors and background!

Week 8- Artist Interview Christopher Linquata

      For week 8 I chose to do an artist interview on Christopher Linquata. All of his artwork was amazing. I enjoyed is art museum. The pictures were so real. The art below is so unrealistic it looks like the two men sitting down are just going to get up and walk right out of the photo. Christopher’s painting had modern space and informed through knowledge of art history. His art ranged from different colors, spaces, textures, etc. It was very different and creative. It was put together and I really enjoyed this art. The lights in the ceiling reflected on to his work and made the paintings even brighter. The photos looked 3d sometimes depending on the angle people looked from! Christopher says he used a sketchbook to draw on the experience of the city shown in the background. The photo was very detailed from the sky above to the Nike swoosh on one of the males tennis shoes. Every detailed was complete, their was nothing unfinished. I really enjoyed looking at his art very creative.