Week 6- Artist Interview

  Emily Babbette created the art I choose for this week’s activity. This art was very pretty and had beautiful scenery. The photos in Emily artwork were pretty paintings full of color and bright lights. If I was able to see these photos everyday I feel like they would make my day that much better. This artwork was titled “Lost and Found.” Emily says that this art is a reconnection to her family members all over the world. In her case her family is fragmented and is all over globally from Canada to Australia. She says in between breaks such as holidays a summer vacations she takes the time out to go visit her loved ones all over the world. From my point of view if this artwork was created by me I would have these pictures around my house. Seeing these photos everyday in my house would make me think about my love ones and ones I do not get to see on a daily or weekly base. Emily’s art photo brings families together that entwines with the distant and far places of family members.



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