Week 6- Class Interview Shannon Choi


For the 6th week of school I interviewed Shannon Choi. She is a communications major and has an interest in marketing. She feels like she would be good in advertising. This is Shannon’s first year at California State University, LB. She was raised in Valencia and now she continues her journey here, dorm experience at CSULB. On her free time she likes hanging out with friends and listening to music.

The artwork we choice to speak about together were from Angel G. Franco, Isaiah Ulloa, and Juan Martin. The three people above are apart of BFA. They started this project September 28th and did not finish until October 2nd. We both found this project very creative. We did not get the full understanding until we spoke with one of the artist. The only artist there was Isaiah Ulloa. From the sounds of the project I felt like he had the largest portion of work for it. The body below is Isaiah’s body. It was a sculpture that they created to look like snow, which was actually called “open cell foam.” They took a scan of his body to create the sculpture. For his face they took a photo of his face and turned it into a 3d photo. Each person was assigned to a part for this project and the last few days they brought the project to life by collaborating all their ideas and what they came up with. This project was a moment in their life, and story.



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