Week 7- Kseniya Meshcheryakova


For the 7th week of class I interviewed Kseniya Meshcheryakova. This is her first year at Long beach State University and so far she enjoys it. On Kseniya free time she likes to draw, run and swim, but she said it is rare that she has free time. She likes surrealist art. I wanted to include some of her drawings on this write up but I was not able to get pictures from her drawings. Kseniya art is published in a magazine called lb908. She is not originally from California; she was born in Odessa Ukraine. I am not exactly sure to where that is, she told me but I did not quite understand. She moved to California when she was 4 years old. Kseniya speaks to different languages and it does not include English. She speaks Russian and Spanish. She is attending Long beach state to become a doctor in the long run. Kseniya works at Ralphs and as a translator.


The art above is what Kseniya and I enjoyed. It was very different and it just went with the month of October, scary and Halloween. This art was called The “After party” and was created by the artist named Kenita Hale. We both liked this art!


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