Week 7- Maggie Freed and Yee Li

For week 7 I found Maggie Freed and Yee Li art very interesting. Their artwork was titled introspection. When walking in the gallery I thought wow so pretty and colorful that it caught my attention. The shapes and colors painted on the canvases really made me want to try something like this on my own. As I looked around the room I thought wow what exactly is this! The meaning of the art was a word introspection, which means one own mental statement.

I feel like these photos were meant to catch my attention. From the different colors the geometric shapes and to the random lines throughout the photos I thought it was all so pretty. I thought the art was very creative and impressive. I wanted to know really how long the art took and how much time they had to put into it. The pictures were so pretty and attractive that I wanted to figure out a way to purchase one.IMG_0642


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