Week 8- Minyon Spencer


For week 8 I chose to interview Minyon Spencer. This is Minyon first year here at California State University, Long beach. She also lives here on campus in Los Cerritos dorms. She enjoys living on campus just does not like her roommate. She does not have a choice of staying on campus because she lives five hours away in Tracy, California. It is very far from here and she is not able to go home on any giving weekend. Minyon major is Finance. Her favorite colors are gold and glitter. I enjoy gold and glitter also but I would not consider it my first favorite color. Minyons favorite animal is a flamingo. She loves to go to the beach and to also travel. Her favorite artist is Bruno Mars. Minyon and I both have been cheering for almost all our life. Minyon started when she was 7 and I started when I was 5. We both cheered All Star and Pop warner. That is very rare that I find someone that cheered almost the same amount as I did.


Minyon and I both enjoyed the art by Kimyomi Fukui. In her opinion she said it looked like an human heart. But in my opinion I felt like it looked like and apple. We were not able to find out exactly what it was!

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