Week 9- Artist Interview

For week nine I chose the artwork by Coral Taliban titled Altered Ceramic Pot of Gold. This art was so pretty it was one of my all time favorites! The art was so pretty and perfect. The first words that came to mind for this art, was what the title is “ A Pot of Gold.” It had a pot with gold raining down inside of it! The photo had a poem to go with, it went well with the pot of gold! It was really unique and different, went well with the title. I really enjoyed this art piece. It was really simply did not need too much more detail. It had a perfect amount of art. That was the first art that caught my eye. It fits me because I love gold and sparkle. The pieces above the art were apart of he broking pot. The pot was had broken pieces with gold inside. The outside was brown and every little piece the middle had sparkling gold that would catch anyone’s eye! I enjoyed this art piece a lot.


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