Week 9- Class Interview Emily Bondoc

For week nine I interviewed Emily Bondoc. Emily is a freshman here at California state university. So far for the interviews, I have only been interviewing freshman. Her major is business but she wants to work in human resource management. Emily wants to minor in hospitality. Emily and I both commute from the Cerritos area. She went to Cerritos high school and I went to Gahr high school. Our high schools are both rivals! Our schools did not get along, and I was a cheerleader so I really knew. Emily’s favorite colors are pink, green, all bright colors. My all time favorite color is pink and bright colors also. Emily and I both like bright colors. Emily works for a homecare office. She works on peoples medical record at work and other paperwork. She really enjoys working for that company. On her free time she likes trying new places to eat. Her favorite restaurant is a Mediterranean food place called the magic lamp in long beach.


The art that Emily and I enjoyed was like old McDonald’s food. It was really cool because I did not know that the food could last that long. When we saw this artwork all we could say was Wow because the food did not look old, it just looked dirty. We loved this art piece.


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