Week 10 Artist Interview- Dana Fleming

For week ten I chose the artwork by Dana Fleming titled “Snap Crackle Pop.” I felt that this art was perfect for me. I felt it was perfect for me because I love glitter and sparkle. It was really pretty and interesting. It was like a sparkle piano on a stand. I loved this art piece. I thought last weeks were the best one but I really enjoyed this week’s artwork. It was very creative and looked like the person that created took their time on making it. This is now my favorite art from seeing in this class. Will it get better has the last few weeks go by? I do not know because I really like this artwork. It was very surprising to hear that everything in this art gallery was from a thrift store. She brought the pieces for the project and added her own works to it. It was very creative and I would have never thought to think that it came from a thrift store!


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