Week 10 class interview- Andy Wagner

For week ten I interviewed Andy Wagner. Andy is a senior here at Long Beach State University. His major is geology. After he graduates he wants to leave California. Andy wants to study aboard and go far away. After that he wants to move to Oregon. He wants to become a peace corps in the service. I told him that it seems like he has his whole career planned out. Andy has lived in long beach his whole life so he was not quit interested when he got into long beach state. He lives right down the street from our school, because of that he walks everyday! Andy went to high school right down the street from our college, which is Millikan. He played baseball and my school and his school never got a long during our baseball season. He said he thought this class would be much easier then what it really is, that’s the reason he wanted to take it. He thought it would be an easy class since he needed a class before graduation. He said it is easy but a lot of work. The last art class he took was in high school. Growing up he liked to draw and sketch a lot.


The art that Andy and I enjoyed was with the pennies. After seeing the title I thought wow maybe the meaning of this is Time is money. The title was Time and Money. We found this one the most interesting.


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