Week 11- Class Interview Cynthia Carrera

For week eleven I interviewed Cynthia Carrera. This is Cynthia’s first yea here at California State University, Long Beach. So far the school is lovely she said it has way more freedom than high school. Her major is going to be film. She likes to work on editing movies and hopes to work with marble one day. On her free time at school she likes to show people how to edit. She also feels really good to help a teacher edit something that may not have any idea of what they are doing. Before coming up with film major she wanted to work with engineering. In high school she would always tell herself that she wanted to be an engineer major. That did not work out to well! She had her mind on engineering for so long, when it was time to turn in the application she changed it to film. On her free time she likes to read manga and anima. Her favorite season or episode is techno. That episode is about turning yourself to evil! She speaks three languages, English, Spanish, and Italian. Next semester she will take on the course of Japanese. She has visited to places that she felt was interesting which is Vegas and Mexico. She also loves photography and taking photos.


The art that Cynthia and I chose was amazing! It was so unique and something I never seen before. Cynthia told me that I had great style and I could dress! When seeing this photo it reminded me of what she told me because I liked that style.


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