Week 11- Student Choice

For week eleven we had to choose our own activity to talk about. On my free time, which is rare I like to create things, such as clothes, shoes, activities, etc. anything that is creative! I just kept trying new things until I found my interest. Two years ago I finally found it, which is creating shoes. Down below are a few pictures of shoes I did for my clients. I felt like it was very creative and I just knew people would enjoy it! I post all my work on instagram. The first pair of shoes I posted people wanted to know how I did it, how to order it, and said how much they loved it! Every since then I knew that this would be the perfect idea for me. I still continue to work on shoes on my fall down time! I consider it a hobby and love it. If you have any questions feel free to follow me on instagram @sugaaarandspikes or my personal account @maaani. Feel free to also send me an email Imkamanii@Yahoo.com.


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