Week 12- Class Interview Matthew Savedra


For week twelve I chose to interview Matthew Savedra. He is a freshman here at California State University of Long beach. So far he really likes the school and campus life. Matthew is originally from San Pedro, but now lives in Lakewood. He likes college way more then high school. He went to Mary Star high school in San Pedro. He lived in San Pedro and in the middle of the school year moved to Lakewood. I asked Matthew which one did he like better, he said San Pedro because he knew more people there. His major is Business management. He is undecided on what he wants to do with that broad major. He just knows for sure that he wants to explore different things in the world. On his free time he likes to hang out with friends. He played soccer from the age of five all the way to 8th grade. Going into high school he said he did not want to play soccer anymore. Matthew does not like art too much he just knew that he had to take it for a GE requirement. He loves to listen to the radio, alternative, and all bands. His favorite television show is American horror story. His favorite theme park is knots berry farm. Two major goals in life that he wants to complete is getting a good job and buying his own house!

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