Week 15- Sandra Mejivar


For the last week of class I interviewed Sandra Mejivar. When I asked her could I interview I did not think that it would have went well the way she answered that I could interview her. She is a freshman here at California State University, long beach. Her major is undeclared right now but she wants to do something with education. For her major she is leaning towards a Spanish major. Sandra told me that she commutes everyday from Cerritos. I answered back with me too. I finally decided to ask her what high school she went to. She went to Gahr high school and I had a feeling we went to the same high school. I was right because we really did go to the same high school. Sandra likes college a lot better then high school. She likes to come to school study, go to work, then go home. She works here on campus in the Ali. Ali is where the students that study abroad go just to communicate with people in there to get advice. This is Sandra first job and she likes it. On her free time she likes to play soccer, ride bikes, and watch Netflix. Her favorite theme parks are Disneyland and six flags, but six flags is to far and she does not like to wait in long lines at Disneyland. I enjoyed interviewing her because she was the first person I found out that went to my high school.

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