Cheer LA Tinies


Week 8- Artist Interview Christopher Linquata

      For week 8 I chose to do an artist interview on Christopher Linquata. All of his artwork was amazing. I enjoyed is art museum. The pictures were so real. The art below is so unrealistic it looks like the two men sitting down are just going to get up and walk right out of the photo. Christopher’s painting had modern space and informed through knowledge of art history. His art ranged from different colors, spaces, textures, etc. It was very different and creative. It was put together and I really enjoyed this art. The lights in the ceiling reflected on to his work and made the paintings even brighter. The photos looked 3d sometimes depending on the angle people looked from! Christopher says he used a sketchbook to draw on the experience of the city shown in the background. The photo was very detailed from the sky above to the Nike swoosh on one of the males tennis shoes. Every detailed was complete, their was nothing unfinished. I really enjoyed looking at his art very creative.


Week 8- Minyon Spencer


For week 8 I chose to interview Minyon Spencer. This is Minyon first year here at California State University, Long beach. She also lives here on campus in Los Cerritos dorms. She enjoys living on campus just does not like her roommate. She does not have a choice of staying on campus because she lives five hours away in Tracy, California. It is very far from here and she is not able to go home on any giving weekend. Minyon major is Finance. Her favorite colors are gold and glitter. I enjoy gold and glitter also but I would not consider it my first favorite color. Minyons favorite animal is a flamingo. She loves to go to the beach and to also travel. Her favorite artist is Bruno Mars. Minyon and I both have been cheering for almost all our life. Minyon started when she was 7 and I started when I was 5. We both cheered All Star and Pop warner. That is very rare that I find someone that cheered almost the same amount as I did.


Minyon and I both enjoyed the art by Kimyomi Fukui. In her opinion she said it looked like an human heart. But in my opinion I felt like it looked like and apple. We were not able to find out exactly what it was!

Week 7- Bubble Letters

For week 7 we had to draw our name in bubble letters at home or at Venice beach. I tried my best to get to Venice beach; it was just way to much traffic and just a lot of stuff went wrong for me not to get there. I felt like it was a lot harder to do it on a piece of card board because the board I had was not as big as I would have needed to make it better. Overall I enjoyed the project and was excited to how nice it came out. At first I did not like the outcome but as I started to add more colors my bubble letter name became to come to life. Because of this class I feel like I am coming out of my shell and trying a lot of things that I had no idea I could perform. I really enjoyed this project!


Week 7- Maggie Freed and Yee Li

For week 7 I found Maggie Freed and Yee Li art very interesting. Their artwork was titled introspection. When walking in the gallery I thought wow so pretty and colorful that it caught my attention. The shapes and colors painted on the canvases really made me want to try something like this on my own. As I looked around the room I thought wow what exactly is this! The meaning of the art was a word introspection, which means one own mental statement.

I feel like these photos were meant to catch my attention. From the different colors the geometric shapes and to the random lines throughout the photos I thought it was all so pretty. I thought the art was very creative and impressive. I wanted to know really how long the art took and how much time they had to put into it. The pictures were so pretty and attractive that I wanted to figure out a way to purchase one.IMG_0642

Week 7- Kseniya Meshcheryakova


For the 7th week of class I interviewed Kseniya Meshcheryakova. This is her first year at Long beach State University and so far she enjoys it. On Kseniya free time she likes to draw, run and swim, but she said it is rare that she has free time. She likes surrealist art. I wanted to include some of her drawings on this write up but I was not able to get pictures from her drawings. Kseniya art is published in a magazine called lb908. She is not originally from California; she was born in Odessa Ukraine. I am not exactly sure to where that is, she told me but I did not quite understand. She moved to California when she was 4 years old. Kseniya speaks to different languages and it does not include English. She speaks Russian and Spanish. She is attending Long beach state to become a doctor in the long run. Kseniya works at Ralphs and as a translator.


The art above is what Kseniya and I enjoyed. It was very different and it just went with the month of October, scary and Halloween. This art was called The “After party” and was created by the artist named Kenita Hale. We both liked this art!

week 6- activity Drawing

IMG_0454 IMG_0458

  For week 6 we had to do a drawing activity using an app on the phone called French girls. I enjoyed this project a lot, I did not ever think about drawing someone from a phone. It was different and a little challenging. I enjoyed some of the drawings people drew of me and some I did not. I was a little hesitate to drawing others but when I started to see drawings of me I was able to try and not think mine was bad compared to others. Overall I thought the project was a good idea, and it was a great opportunity to check out how good or bad I was at drawing.


  This week’s challenge was a difficult one for me. I was really surprised has to how my drawings turned out. When I took my time on the drawing it seems like it came out better, still not great but better. In high school I took a few art classes. I was good at free style drawing but not copying a picture of something. I was a little better then I thought I was. I had fun on this project and took the time out to show my grandmother how it worked.

Week 6- Artist Interview

  Emily Babbette created the art I choose for this week’s activity. This art was very pretty and had beautiful scenery. The photos in Emily artwork were pretty paintings full of color and bright lights. If I was able to see these photos everyday I feel like they would make my day that much better. This artwork was titled “Lost and Found.” Emily says that this art is a reconnection to her family members all over the world. In her case her family is fragmented and is all over globally from Canada to Australia. She says in between breaks such as holidays a summer vacations she takes the time out to go visit her loved ones all over the world. From my point of view if this artwork was created by me I would have these pictures around my house. Seeing these photos everyday in my house would make me think about my love ones and ones I do not get to see on a daily or weekly base. Emily’s art photo brings families together that entwines with the distant and far places of family members.


Week 6- Class Interview Shannon Choi


For the 6th week of school I interviewed Shannon Choi. She is a communications major and has an interest in marketing. She feels like she would be good in advertising. This is Shannon’s first year at California State University, LB. She was raised in Valencia and now she continues her journey here, dorm experience at CSULB. On her free time she likes hanging out with friends and listening to music.

The artwork we choice to speak about together were from Angel G. Franco, Isaiah Ulloa, and Juan Martin. The three people above are apart of BFA. They started this project September 28th and did not finish until October 2nd. We both found this project very creative. We did not get the full understanding until we spoke with one of the artist. The only artist there was Isaiah Ulloa. From the sounds of the project I felt like he had the largest portion of work for it. The body below is Isaiah’s body. It was a sculpture that they created to look like snow, which was actually called “open cell foam.” They took a scan of his body to create the sculpture. For his face they took a photo of his face and turned it into a 3d photo. Each person was assigned to a part for this project and the last few days they brought the project to life by collaborating all their ideas and what they came up with. This project was a moment in their life, and story.