Week 8- Artist Interview Christopher Linquata

      For week 8 I chose to do an artist interview on Christopher Linquata. All of his artwork was amazing. I enjoyed is art museum. The pictures were so real. The art below is so unrealistic it looks like the two men sitting down are just going to get up and walk right out of the photo. Christopher’s painting had modern space and informed through knowledge of art history. His art ranged from different colors, spaces, textures, etc. It was very different and creative. It was put together and I really enjoyed this art. The lights in the ceiling reflected on to his work and made the paintings even brighter. The photos looked 3d sometimes depending on the angle people looked from! Christopher says he used a sketchbook to draw on the experience of the city shown in the background. The photo was very detailed from the sky above to the Nike swoosh on one of the males tennis shoes. Every detailed was complete, their was nothing unfinished. I really enjoyed looking at his art very creative.